When is it ok to spank

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Your password has been changed. The fact is, these are the facts. My first advice is to be consistent and you HAVE to stick to your words! My marriage is about to be over because of violence, my husband and step father of my only baby is influenced by his parents and is constantly yelling at yer and wanting to hit her. My biggest issue that I need help with is with my 4 year old son. I was spanked as a child.

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Spanking is the easy way out for parents.

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Is it Okay to Spank Your Child?

Children frequently throw tantrums when they feel uninformed or powerless in a situation. I feel so very sorry for them, having such an ignorant and abusive father, who has no clue about the mentality and development of children. Because of things like this the future generations are almost completely made up of disrespectful brats! He quickly got down and began to pull on the dog which I pulled him off and said stop. There is no one size fits all parenting.

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when is it ok to spank
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when is it ok to spank
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3 thoughts on “When is it ok to spank

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