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I started to get nervouse, she went to her dresser, and got something, i didnt move like she said but it took her a minute to get whatever she wanted. In no time I was shooting my load into her pantyhose. Her nipples showed just slightly through the lace cups of her teddy. I stared at her bare toes, painted in red polish with a little flower on each of her big toes. Half way through the movie, I got my wish as my dad got up and went to bed. He fingered my pussy and ass as he came in my mouth. I looked in the bathroom and surprisingly saw another empty packet in the rubbish bin.

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I instantly became hard thinking of the foot massage I had given to my mother's little feet.

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She closed her legs to increase the friction and I pumped between her legs from behind. I sat down at the table and started to eat my cereal. She didn't flinch so I ran my hand up her leg and under her short skirt. She screamed with both pain and pleasure. I pumped it all deep into her as her tight pussy milked it out of me.

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