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Not a funny trick to pull…. The reloading components industry is likewise highly engaged in the manufacture of. Developed for the battlefield and adapted for use in the deer woods, the. Because of the fragile nature of the Match King bullet, the FBI conducted some tests a while ago and concluded that the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullet was the most suitable bullet at that time for punching through glass and a factory Federal loading using that bullet has been included in this list as well. Additionally, the wood stock had a tendency to swell and warp in the ultra-humid jungle climate, and create a wandering zero.

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This load is not a match grade load but is still loaded to high commercial standards which typically will yield sub MOA performance from precision rifles.

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The .308 Winchester: A Brief History

Anti-gun and anti-hunting movements maintain that hunters and shooters are the most affected by lead poisoning because of high exposure to lead contained in ammunition. It has slightly more drop at long range than the. Table of Contents Loading It is identified by its silver casing. The ceiling for the.

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