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They're sharing their concerns, but also spreading enormous enthusiasm for what can happen in America's heartland! Perky boobs with nipples that you just want to suck on. They can live that dream here in these fruited plains, picturesque communities, and beautiful cities with huge potential throughout Ohio. Right at home in an airplane hangar surrounded by amazing Americans alllll fired up about the American dream! In the week ending Aug.

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If you ever wanted to get a piece of that conservative pie, look no further my friend.

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Searching for Sarah Palin's 'Hot Photos'

Seeing thousands of hard working patriots today who know what's at stake tomorrow, I'm convinced the Buckeye State turns red. So seeing these photos is actually a dream come true. I mean, I just want to rip all of her button downs open to expose her perfect breasts. Help us keep Snopes. Now headed to Alpena, then onto Midland, then Detroit where I'll find a place to catch some Redwings victory tonight! Thank God we have a candidate who understands and respects the private sector, and has masterfully created jobs.

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