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Zogs is a popular brand of surf wax found wherever there are surfers. Swell or groundswell refers to solid, real waves. Oh, you mean Tube! In the morning, after everyone goes to the beach, I retire to my temporary office — a patch of nettles on top of a hill where I can get a faint mobile signal — make calls while the two dogs stare at me. When I do find a little clear water, it takes me so long to run through the procedure — paddle, grip rail, raise torso, kneel, jump — that by the time I get to my feet I'm on the sand again. You went Pearl diving Also, I understand that an ocean is just a sea but bigger, but what is a sea?

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It's there if you have a fibreglass one and not one that you have fashioned out of an old ironing board!

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Even More Surfer Talk

You guys need to add "shacked" - riding a phat tube. They're one of the largest manufacturers of surfing equipment and surf clothing on the planet. I see tailslide and tailside. A shove-it is a manoeuver where the rider shoves the surfboard round underneath the feet, or degrees. Great fun watching the surfers too.

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